The spelling of Karabiner with a ‘K’ derived from the German word ‘Karabinerhaken’ which means ‘snap hook’. Carabiner with a ‘C’ derived from the French word ‘Carabine’ which means ‘rifle’, and it slowly became the more common way of spelling Carabiner. There’s no right or wrong, as long as you have a K(C)arabiner in your kit, you’ll be fine! We have got tons of karabiners with different locking systems, sizes, materials and colours, so you’re bound to find something you want here.


Most climbing karabiners are made of aluminium to conserve weight, however, for areas of high wear consider using a steel karabiner.

Types of locking systems we stock:

  • Snapgate Karabiners – The gates are sprung loaded and are ideal for attaching kit, or clipping runners.
  • Screwgate / Screw-Lock Karabiners – These close with a sprung loaded gate and locks by screwing the barrel shut.
  • Triple Lock Karabiners – aka: Triact-Lock (Petzl), Lock Safe (DMM) These have automatic locking with triple action gate opening.
  • Maillons – Slightly more secure than screw-locks as they don’t have a gate that pivots, they come in all shapes and sizes for a range of uses including abseil retreats and more permanent attachments.

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